I’ve dedicated An Act of Frustration to the memory of Anne B. Kraege. Anne was one of the most effervescent persons I’ve known – a witty, sparkling, light-up-the-room type of person who everyone enjoyed immensely. She died in 2014 at the much too young age of 66. Anne’s life was devoted to serving others and she was a dear friend to me and many, many others. To place the needs of others ahead of oneself is something I admire in all persons who do it.

When I wrote Knuckleball, Anne was among the first to read it and react to me. Her unsolicited email – which I still have – said, in part, “I have just closed the book on one great life lived! So surprised at the ending – but it was beautiful.” “…the book is so YOU – outlook, values, beliefs, honesty, morals…” ”…It was a wonderful walk down a thoroughly researched memory lane with solid life-following principles woven in the pages! Your attention to detail is impressive – great job!”

To touch Anne and others with a fictional story that brought out emotion is one of the greatest rewards a writer can have. Knuckleball did that for many readers. Two stated they were changing their lives because of what they’d read. I think one of their comments is still on the Knuckleball site on amazon.com.  But Anne’s early words following publication led me to believe I could or should write another story and about another small-town resident. I’ve done that with An Act of Frustration. I hope you enjoy it.

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About Ken Beckley

Ken Beckley is Hoosier born and lived. A professional communicator throughout his adult life, Ken became an author in retirement. His first two novels are set in the fictional southwestern Indiana county of Hopewell, and his characters are reflective of his small-town roots.
Dedicated to Anne Kraege

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