ken beckleyJust like the main character in my book, I am not a political person. I don’t care if a person is a Democrat or a Republican – or perhaps an Independent, I vote for who I think will serve me/us best. For at least a decade, voters in our nation have been frustrated by those who represent us in Congress but virtually the same persons have been reelected over and over. Leadership has seldom changed. I thought, What if one person decided to do something in his little area of the U.S. and it caught fire? What if?

I’ve never forgotten President John F. Kennedy’s words in 1963, “One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” So, I created small-town hardware store owner Charlie Simpson who became so frustrated with the inactions of Congress that he did something. And he had the audacity to question the value of the major political parties, party platforms, and straight-party voting. But those were side issues in the story.

The real story is that one person did make a difference.

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About Ken Beckley

Ken Beckley is Hoosier born and lived. A professional communicator throughout his adult life, Ken became an author in retirement. His first two novels are set in the fictional southwestern Indiana county of Hopewell, and his characters are reflective of his small-town roots.
Why I wrote An Act of Frustration

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