Not in my lifetime has there been a presidential election campaign in which BOTH major-party candidates are so despised by the electorate. In 1964, voters despised/feared one — Barry Goldwater — as well as third party candidate George Wallace. Goldwater was an ultra conservative and Wallace was a segregationist. Both lost to Lyndon Johnson in a landslide.

In my novel AN ACT OF FRUSTRATION, I chose to stay away from the presidential election. Mind you, I began writing the story in 2014, before the major-party candidates were known. But I wanted the novel to be about the congressional elections because I, like my main character Charlie Simpson, believe that by and large Congress runs our country. Nothing gets done as far as legislation is concerned without Congress’ approval. Since Congress has failed to enact much legislation for a decade or so, I thought “What if one common citizen were to start a non-partisan movement, could it sweep the country and result in something that resulted in a massive change in Congress?” AN ACT OF FRUSTRATION — an easy two-night read since it is approximately 100 pages — is the fictional story of that common citizen.

Thank You to everyone who has read the book. Those of you who have reacted have encouraged me to begin developing my third novel.

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About Ken Beckley

Ken Beckley is Hoosier born and lived. A professional communicator throughout his adult life, Ken became an author in retirement. His first two novels are set in the fictional southwestern Indiana county of Hopewell, and his characters are reflective of his small-town roots.
This Crazy Election Year

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