I’m quite pleased with the unsolicited reactions I’ve received from persons who’ve read AN ACT OF FRUSTRATION.  As an author, my pleasure is derived from comments about character development and identification with the characters.  Here are some examples:

“I have finished your book. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. To me it had (a) little of everything, romance, mystery and the belief that one person could make a difference. It is a book that will cause one to think. I loved the book. Keep writing.

“Great job..enjoyed every page..great message dissolved in strong characters and served up with excitement and intrigue. I hope you are working on your next..put me on the list of potential readers.”

“What a great story and read. Found myself not wanting to put it down. A tribute to your writing style. One could only hope that your book takes on a national read much like the story line does with your book. A complete overhaul would be welcomed! I look forward to your next one.”

“I was hooked from the first page and I think people can relate to the story and can certainly see something like this happening.”

“It had it all and kept me in it the whole time. The timeliness of the story and the present shape of our broken government really brought it home. It is truly the work of an experienced reporter, researcher, and true story teller.”

“It is very thought provoking. What a story! Certainly a major theme is how we common folk, when united, can make a huge difference in our society.  Charlie Simpson is a believable character.”

“You are a genius! Your plot is much more plausible than the one with Trump, Hillary, et al.”

“It’s excellent! And so very believable.”

“Perhaps we should forward about a thousand copies to the District of Columbia.”

“Just finished reading your book. 5 stars. Great ready and very much needed right now. All citizens should have a copy.”

“I just wish the concept of your book would actually take hold in our country. We live in a wonderful country but our leadership does not reflect it. It is sad and scary at the same time. Here’s hoping your book goes viral!”

As I stated previously, I did not write the novel with the intent of CAUSING something to happen, but many readers certainly related to the story and wish something similar could happen in the 2016 elections.

Thank you to everyone who reads the book and reacts to me.



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Ken Beckley is Hoosier born and lived. A professional communicator throughout his adult life, Ken became an author in retirement. His first two novels are set in the fictional southwestern Indiana county of Hopewell, and his characters are reflective of his small-town roots.
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