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    Before becoming an author, Ken Beckley had a long and successful career in many arenas, including television news. He was also executive vice president of H. H. Gregg as well as president and CEO of Indiana University's Alumni Association. He is an inductee in the Indiana Broadcasters Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Service Award from Indiana University.

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  • Today’s TODAY Show Interview

    It  was an almost eerie feeling today when I learned that TODAY on NBC featured a man who had been struck in the head by a baseball in his first major league at-bat seven years ago and will be given a special opportunity to appear in another major league game in early October.  The similarities to circumstances involving the main character in my novel are extremely coincidental; eerie.

    Reviews from readers come me often.  Here are some recent ones:

    “I just got time without interruptions to read your wonderful book!  It was beautifully written and the amount of research you did was amazing! I could identify with much of it (except I don’t know much about baseball).It was quite nostalgic in descriptions of growing up in the era we did in high school and college.  I laughed and cried to the end.  To me a good book pulls the reader in and allows them to experience emotions. Thank you for that.”

    “You were not just ‘very good’ at creating and tell your story, you were, instead, outstanding. I am very impressed. Your ability to so wonderfully describe the people, places and emotions of the story had me at times closely relating and nodding my head in agreement, at times smiling to myself at your observations, and at times even choking back my own emotions. It is very hard to believe that this was your first novel and I hope it will not be your last.”

    “I have just finished your wonderful book while sitting on the beach in Naples. That qualifies this delightful novel as a ‘beach read.’! Ken, you have quite a talent for storytelling.”

    I am extremely appreciative of the time readers take to express their opinions to me.  As with any author, especially a new one, I’m still waiting for that first national break (review) and hoping it will come in the not too distant future.

  • Your Amazon/Facebook/Twitter Comments Are Important

    If you’ve read my novel Knuckleball: The Uncertainties of (a) Life, I urge you to express your comments on  It’s important because it shows browsers and potential readers that many persons have read the book and that their comments are thus and such. I formerly placed comments on my website but they became so [...]

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  • A Writing Strategy

    Yesterday, I spoke to a very attentive group of 80+ members of the Service Club in Indianapolis, an association of military veterans.  Having served in the armed forces, they knew what strict organization and rule-following meant.  Thus, I wanted to share the strictness of the regimen I followed in writing my fictional novel. All writers resort [...]

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  • Reactions from Readers

    Readers of my novel Knuckleball: The Uncertainties of (a) Life inspire me. Here are the latest examples: I was reading comments about the book on last Friday night and saw that a second person has now said they are going to make positive changes to the way in which they live their life as a [...]

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  • Crazy Schedule

    I’ve been away from Indiana a significant amount the past month as part of the promotional effort for my novel Knuckleball: The Uncertainties of (a) Life, and, thus, I’ve not been blogging. On June 2, I spoke about alumni relations and what makes an effective alumni chapter when I appeared before the Asheville-Western North Carolina [...]

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  • Service Above Self

    The title of this blog is actually the motto of Rotary.  I use it for today’s blog because it’s the subject matter of a keynote speech I made to Evansville (Indiana) Rotary’s community service appreciation day luncheon, June 26.  (THE SPEECH CAN BE SEEN IN THE VIDEOS SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE.) I’ve excerpted the following: “I [...]

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  • The Ultimate Volunteers

    I’ve not posted for more than three weeks due to a trip I took overseas. While flying, I had plenty of opportunity to think about a multitude of subjects.  When my wife and I travel abroad, we always return home renewed in our knowledge that all of us in the U.S. have untold opportunities to [...]

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  • What Role Are You Playing?

    A friend wrote me today, after completing his reading of my novel, “After I got to (certain point in the book), I could not put it down. I had trouble seeing the pages at times because of the tears in my eyes. Tears of joy and tears of sadness. Both were necessary to achieve perhaps [...]

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  • Our Amazing Brains

    What a coincidence that my book about baseball’s and life’s knuckleballs is published in a spring when R.A. Dickey, knuckleball specialist with the New York Mets, released a book about his life.  His story is inspiring, somewhat like that of my fictional character, but R.A. has overcome far different personal challenges than those of the [...]

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  • Death of a Professor

    One of my professors when I was a student in broadcasting at Indiana University has died.  Bill Kroll was a wonderful man — mentor to hundreds of students and later executive director of Radio and Television Services for IU and GM of WFIU and WTIU.  Untold thousands benefited from his services to humankind. So many [...]

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